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How could I attract my crush in school?


This is a picture of how to flirt in your school library.

Okay, Nony-mou, let’s get into this: 
In your question, you refer to yourself as “I”. Let me come back at you with another question: who are you? And by this I mean, what makes you you as opposed to someone else? In other words, in what ways are you distinct from other social entities? This notion of the “self” has troubled philosophers throughout the ages so we’re probably not going to get to the bottom of this here. But let’s take a stab at it, shall we? 
First off, how can we be sure that you exist? Well, this one’s pretty easy. René Descartes famously wrote: “I think, therefore I am” which of course implies the autonomy of the self in relation to its social and physical contexts. It also suggests that the act of contemplating one’s existence is in itself proof of existence. To put it a slightly different way, you are thinking about your crush, therefore you probably exist (at least according to Descartes). 
Or do you? Some more contemporary theorists have pointed to the “loss of self” in the postmodern milieu. In this context, the self is fluid, relational, and ever-changing. Whereas the classical modernist self was fixed, autonomous, and owned by the individual, the postmodern narrative self is created and recreated through our interactions, through the stories we are constantly telling ourselves and each other. I hate to tell you this Nony-mou, but your use of the word “I” just got a whole lot more complicated. 
Anyways, this is getting a little long and I’m getting kind of tired of looking up “The Self in Philosophy” on, so is it okay if I get to the rest of your question next week? Great!
But really, really, all joking aside, I think you should just smile at your crush. Like a lot. People like it. Crushes like it. It’s a good starting point. Go get ‘em, tiger!!!
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