Public Arts, Secret Crushes

The other day my friend Marisa Chandler told me about an awesome little board at the corner of Gore and Union where you can write about your secret crushes. So, on one of the hottest days of the summer so far, I decided to bike down and check it out. I arrived appropriately sweaty and slightly nervous.

Once I worked up the courage to talk to Ron, the very nice, tattooed man who runs the art studio at 751 Gore, I found out that he started the board as a monument to one special girl and that it blossomed into a space for passersby to confess their own forbidden loves. Ron confided that if his secret crush ever came by and saw her name, he would DENY EVERYTHING. So perfect.

I highly recommend visiting the art space and maybe even admitting to your crush on the “donut man” or “Monty 777.”


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